A message from the Camp Director

“At TCDSB Footsteps to Success Summer Day Camp, we provide a safe, welcoming and enriching environment to our campers. The Footsteps to Success summer camp was established to provide learning and activities that are consistent with the Ministry’s Student Success initiatives, Safe Schools (Bill 157 Keeping our Kids Safe at School ) and the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (Focus Areas – Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment Practices; School-Community Relationships). This camp provides youth with the opportunity to grow and develop their teamwork, creativity, cultural awareness and leadership. Footsteps to Success aims to build up the community by investing in youth, to give them a different outlook, stronger self-identification, and expose them to different opportunities. Campers are led by the Focus on Youth student staff who bring a youthful perspective, positive energy, enthusiasm, and serve as great role models. Overall, at Footsteps to Success we aim to take a holistic approach to learning by allowing children to be immersed in the camp section of their choice: Sports, Arts, or Leadership. Each camp has its own set of goals and skills that it will help each child build by the end of the summer. However, all three camps provided youth with a daily breakfast, weekly trips, weekly swimming & workshops. During summer 2018 we had over 300 students participate in Footsteps to Success at our three camp locations: Malvern (Saint Mother Teresa), North York (St. Timothy Catholic School), Rexdale (Father Henry Carr). This is just the framework of the program, however, it is much more than that. Footsteps to Success is a family and I am one proud papa!”

-Andre Fullerton