What is Footsteps to Success?

The Footsteps to Success summer camp was established in 2010 to provide learning and activities that are consistent with the Ministry’s Student Success initiatives, Safe (Bill 157 Keeping our Kids Safe at School) and the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (Focus Areas-Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment Practices; School-Community Relationships).

Footsteps to Success are three summer camps that are founded by Andre Fullerton and community partners. Which was created with the motive  to become involved with youth, and to help urban communities to move forward. There are three Footsteps to Success locations: St. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy (Malvern), Father Henry Carr Catholic Secondary School (Rexdale), and St. Timothy Catholic Elementary School (Willowdale).

The goal is to build up the community by investing in youth, to give them a different outlook, stronger self-identification, and expose them to different opportunities. The Focus on Youth students are given the opportunity to grow and develop their teamwork, creativity, cultural awareness, and leadership.

The campers are led by the Focus on Youth students who bring a youthful perspective, positive energy, enthusiasm, and serve as great role models.


(Past Focus on Youth Staff)

“My name is Tevin Wellington and I have been a part of the Focus on Youth program for two years. Focus on Youth has had a monumental impact on my personal development, all while helping me overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of poverty.For the summer of 2019 I was placed at Footsteps to Success, a summer camp that focuses on developing pathways to success for the campers. The camp achieves this by dividing the campers into leadership, arts, and sports; I was a staff member in the sports section. My favourite part of work is participating in activities with the campers, because you learn so much about them from a simple game of dodgeball or basketball.”

Tevin Wellington