Good morning,

Thank you all for your support and patience, we have had an unanticipated amount of success in regard to camper registration. We ask you to be patient with our response time as we will soon be posting updates to this site. By the end of this upcoming week, we will be uploading the weekly camp schedule and other necessary information that will assist in the clarification and answering of your questions.

Best regards,

Footsteps to Success Staff

4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Pls i want to know how secured this camp will be. And with this pandemic how can you gaurantee that tge chikdren registering does not have the virus. Also how can i register my son


    1. Good afternoon,

      The camp will be fully online and will be hosted through a virtual platform. Any questions you have will be answered by the end of this upcoming week, as more information will be made available soon through the website. Thank you for your patience.


  2. If my daughter not registered. Do you have any option or second registration or summer camp again


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